UW-Extension Language Access Team is hiring a bilingual (Spanish-English) student hourly position!

Title: Student Bilingual Project Assistant (Spanish-English)

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: The project assistant will work under the supervision of the Language Access Coordinator. This position will support the Language Access Team with efforts to plan and execute a wide range of multilingual projects. The primary duties include helping with aspects of the online intake process for project requests, a critical piece for managing translation and interpretation needs and services. Additional duties may also include contributing towards developing and maintaining website content, visuals, info-graphics, brochures, tools, and other resources that support the vision of the Language Access Team. Depending on the student’s skills and interests, they may also be involved with translating and proofing text-based content and/or interpreting during programming events.

Application deadline: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 (see attached document for application instructions)
Location: Madison, WI
Pay Rate (depending on qualifications): $12.00 – $14.50 per hour
Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a degree-seeking program from a two-year or four-year accredited institution

What is the UW-Extension Language Access Team?
UW Cooperative Extension provides educational programming throughout the state of Wisconsin. The Language Access Team was created in August of 2016 and consists of a team of language professionals who provide support for programming carried out by the organization. We develop and coordinate the use of multilingual communication (translation, interpretation, outreach materials) in programming efforts that serve Wisconsin’s linguistically and culturally diverse communities. Our efforts bridge language-based communication barriers and help Cooperative Extension expand the reach of its programming to underserved audiences. While the Language Access Team receives requests for translation and interpretation in a variety of languages, over 85% of our projects involve working within the Spanish-English language pair.

Application Deadline: February 6, 2018

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