Liceo Científico is looking for teachers to join the English (ESL) department!


Liceo Científico Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro is the first and only public STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school in the Dominican Republic. It is open to selected students in grades 7-12 (secondary level) from the Hermanas Mirabal Province. There are currently 540 students enrolled. It is an experimental school, whose focus is to change the future of our youth from rural communities, by offering an excellent academic preparation that will enable them to access high performing universities. The Hermanas Mirabal Province, the smallest in the country and composed mostly of rural areas and few small towns, is located in the northeastern quadrant of Hispaniola.


For the students at Liceo Científico to have access to the best of opportunities, they need to have a high standard of English. In 2017, several students successfully passed the TOEFL exam, which enables them to attend universities internationally. We now want to raise that figure and improve the English level of all students.

We recruit international faculty in all areas, as we expand our enrollment, to teach core classes, to assist in curriculum improvement and implementation, and to co-teach and serve as  mentors for local Dominican teachers in training who, after a year of professional support, become full-fledged teachers.

Liceo Científico is looking for teachers to join the English (ESL) department to develop and strengthen teaching and learning. Responsibilities would typically include:

  • Mentoring new teachers
  • Planning and implementing an English Academy to support weaker students through structured peer teaching
  • Teaching English lessons
  • Developing the use of literature to teach ESL
  • Developing extra-curricular English opportunities
  • Those interested can also contribute to the wider school mission through involvement with environmental programs such as beach cleaning, managing of greenhouses and community projects.


  • It is not necessary to speak fluent Spanish, though it will help to have some knowledge of the language.
  • 2 years of teaching experience (preferably English)
  • Experience living/working abroad, especially in developing countries
  • Previous training/mentoring experience useful
  • Intercultural awareness /sensitive to cultural differences
  • Adaptable -able to work with limited resources
  • Pro-active and hands-on attitude
  • Minimum 2 years commitment



  • Own room in shared accommodations
  • Monthly living stipend of 45,000 RD$ (about US$1,000)
  • Lunch at Liceo Científico
  • Transportation to and from housing to Liceo Científico

STARTING DATE: As soon as possible


Those interested should send Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to:

For more information: