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The IS Major connects students to campus resources, such as the International Internship Program and Successworks. Most students will be interested in the career community with Emmeline Prattke: Schedule Here. The IS Major also posts relevant international career events and opportunities on our social media pages and newsletter.

Career resources can also be found here.

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Advising Hours

Career Advising:

Government, Politics, International Affairs and Law career advisor in Successworks: Emmeline Prattke: Schedule Here.


Careers with the International Studies Major

Students who complete a major in International Studies pursue a wide variety of career paths including human rights, international and domestic law, federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector firms, medical school, and graduate school. Our alumni have gone on to work in business, education, government, language, global health, policy development, and more.

The IS Major helps students develop key skills such as critical thinking, the capacity to write effectively and clearly, knowledge of research methods, and foreign language skills. Within the IS Major students are offered the freedom and flexibility to create a cohesive program based on a geographic area or theme, such as focusing on Southeast Asia or global poverty and inequality. This thematic approach is especially appealing to employers when paired with strong language skills and cultural understanding.

Although the career options afforded to graduates with International Studies majors are numerous, through a comprehensive and cohesive program students can easily find their direction during their course of study. Students are encouraged to seek out other opportunities outside of the major in order to supplement their experience. Volunteering, joining a student organization, getting a part time job or finding an exciting internship make students well rounded, marketable, and interesting to employers.

To view a list of resources for finding international internships and jobs, click on our IS Major Career Handout.

SuccessWorks - formerly L&S Career Services

SuccessWorks provides a personal and professional development services for students in College of Letters & Sciences. It is your home for exploring interests, connecting with others who share your passions and preparing for success after graduation. SuccessWorks provides career communities, based on a cluster of occupations that students have an interest in and alumni have landed awesome jobs as well as workshops and career fairs for students preparing for the job market. You can find resources for searching for internships and jobs, resume and cover letter preparation, mock interviews, skill assessments, and more.

You can schedule an appointment with any of five Career Community Specialists by visiting here.

Hire an International Studies Student or Graduate!

If you are interested in hiring a International Studies Student or Graduate of our program, please contact Molly Donnellan at

Advising Staff

Joel Clark, PhD., Career Advisor:  Joel specializes in advising students with a variety career-related concerns, including professional goal-setting, internships, job searches, resumes and cover letters, and strategies for making the most of their time and campus resources while at UW-Madison. Students can schedule an appointment with Joel using Starfish or email