IS Photos

The ISM office wants to highlight the work of our students around Madison and the world.

Here’s our winners from previous months

December 2019

Innsbruck, Austria. Feb. 2019

“I’m standing on the top of a mountain overlooking the city of Innsbruck, Austria during a weekend off during my year abroad in Italy.”

Laura Kelley, senior, Culture in the Age of Globalization

November 2019

Assling, Austria. Feb. 2019

“Taking in the fresh mountain air while visiting family friends in the Austrian Tyrol”

Larissa Stenglein, senior, Politics and Policy in the Global Economy

October 2019

Calanques National Park, Bouches-de-Rhône, France. Oct. 2019

“The famous view of the Calanques in Marseille, France”

Ariana King, senior, Global Security

September 2019

Zhangjiajie, China

“I was visiting the National Park in China where the movie Avatar was filmed during my internship abroad!”

Brenna Farrell, post graduate, Politics and Policy in the Global Economy

August 2019

Perrito Moreno glacier, Patagonia, Argentina. May 2019

“One of the few glaciers in the world that is not “currently receding” according to my tour guide. Earlier as a part of the trek, I got to hike on the glacier. This is the view in all its glory”

Bremen Keasey, Senior, Culture in the Age of Globalization