IS Major: Four-year sample plan

International Studies Major: Sample 4-Year Plan (Bachelor of Arts)

Outline below is one possibility of how a student can complete the International Studies Major along with L&S General Education and Breadth requirements. This plan assumes you have no college credit. However, many of you may have already fulfilled some of the requirements included such as language, math, or communication courses. See your advisor to create your own, personalized four-year plan incorporating placement test results and transfer credits. In parentheses next to various courses are the geBLC (breadth) codes that you will find in the Schedule of Classes and L&S Catalog. Study abroad and internships are included in this plan. While not required, they are highly recommended.


1st Year: Fall Semester

Econ 101 (QR:B)

1st Semester Language

Com A (a)

QR-A (q: Math 112 or 114 recommended)

1st Year: Spring Semester

 IS 101 (S)

2nd Semester Language

Com B (b)

Biological Science (B)

2nd Year: Fall Semester

Declare Major!

Econ 102 (S)

Area Studies Course (S)

3rd Semester Language

Natural Science (P,B,N,W,X,Y)

2nd Year: Spring Semester

Apply for Summer Internship!

1 Issue Courses

4th Semester Language

Physical Science (P)

Social Science (S,W,Y,Z)

Literature (L)

3rd Year: Fall Semester – Study Abroad!

2 Issue Courses

5th Semester Language

Literature (L)

Humanities (L,H,X,Z)

Track Core Course

3rd Year: Spring Semester – Study Abroad!

Apply for Summer Internship!

2 Issue Course

1 Elective in Major

Humanities (L,H,X,Z)

1 Free Elective

4th Year: Fall Semester

Track Core Course

1 Elective in Major

Natural Science (P,B,N,W,X,Y)

2 Free Electives

4th Year: Spring Semester

1 Elective in Major

Ethnic Studies (e)

2 Free Electives


Helpful Hints:

  • You will need to complete 35 credits of IS course work in total which includes at least 15 credits of Intermediate/Advanced level classes on campus.
  • 108 total credits of Liberal Arts and Science coursework
    • 60 of those need to include intermediate/advanced level coursework.
  • 120 credits in total for your degree
    • 30 credits in residence, overall
    • 30 credits in residence after the 90th
  • Declare (1) major by 86 credits.
  • You can complete many General Education and Breadth requirements within the major! Literature, Science, Ethnic Studies, Com B, and more can be completed with IS Issues and Elective courses (check the geBLC [breadth] code on our course lists).
  • The International Studies Program offers advising workshops to help guide you through the major, including Intro to the IS Major, career development workshops, and more! We look forward to seeing you there!