Thinking about majoring in IS?

Are you a current or prospective UW-Madison student considering majoring in IS? Want to learn more about the major and its requirements? Already want to declare the IS Major? Have unanswered questions? Then attending an IS Major Workshop is the best next step for you!

IS Major Workshops are hosted by our Peer Advisors (and current IS students!), Ben and Katherine, and give an overview to the IS Major. In the workshops, we go over the goals of the IS Major, the introductory requirements, the 3 tracks in the major (Global Security, Culture in an Age of Globalization, and Politics and Policy in the Global Economy), the major requirements and structure, recommended courses, what you can do with an IS Major, and answer any other questions you may have. These workshops can help you decide if the IS Major is right for you and you are required to attend one before you can declare the IS Major.

For the Spring 2022 semester, IS Major Workshops are being held every Tuesday from 4-5 pm in the IS Major Office which is located in room 301 Ingraham Hall 1155 Observatory Drive Madison WI 53706. However, we understand that students may be unavailable at this time or may not feel comfortable attending a meeting in-person during the pandemic. If you would prefer to attend a meeting via Zoom, or at an alternative time, please do not hesitate to reach out to Katherine at and/or Ben at to schedule a workshop at an alternative time.