University of Wisconsin–Madison

Transfer Students

Upon admission, students should meet with an IS Major advisor and work towards completing the IS major prerequisites.

Students may take the micro and macro economics courses and the language courses at other institutions and transfer them to UW-Madison. Transfer course equivalencies are determined by the Office of Admissions. Students are also encouraged to take an area studies or modern history course of a country outside the US to fulfill the areas studies requirement. It is important to note that track core courses must be completed at Madison; they cannot transfer from another institution. Students should complete Intl St 101 their first semester on campus.

At the transfer Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) events students often have the opportunity to speak with an advisor from the International Studies Major when registering for classes and ask any questions they may have. Students are advised to meet regularly with their advisors. Before declaring the IS Major, students should attend an Introduction to the IS Major workshop. Please see our About page for more information on how to declare the IS Major. Some courses will not directly transfer to courses here at UW-Madison so it is especially important to keep records of courses taken elsewhere. Please keep projects, papers, and syllabi for courses relevant to the IS Major.