Where do IS Majors end up?




Learn from UW-Madison alumni who are employed in various industries and employment sectors within Wisconsin and throughout the nation about how they have used their International Studies Major. The IS major has contacted over 2500 alumni, and the data below contains the following information:

  • List of employers
  • Employment status overview
  • Employment by sector

IS Major Graduates Profile

Sector Employment
Private Sector Examples:

Public Sector Examples:

Third Sector Examples:

The 2015 Graduates Profile

Alumni Q&A

  1. What were the resources that were helpful in your transition to graduate school or career?
  • Career Center
  • Careers in Political Science Class
  • L&S Career Services
  • Fulbright app
  • Pre-law advising
  • Internship and Career Planning Course on campus
  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication career services
  • BuckyNet
  • Career Fair
  • Resume help
  • Networks made through student organizations
  • Connections with professors
  • Law School Counselor
  • UW in DC internship program
  • Center for Pre-Health Advising

2. What were the areas of your IS Major that were valuable in your post- graduation transition and career path?

  • Advisors
  • Writing and critical thinking skills developed in classes
  • Cultural understanding
  • Ability to speak another language
  • Internships
  • Events and career panels put on by the IS Major
  • Study abroad experience