Declare the Major

Before declaring the IS Major, students must attend an IS Major Workshop (for the rest of Spring 2020, please contact our Peer Advisor Alondra at to schedule a 1:1 remote workshop) and complete (or show good progress towards completing) the first two pre-requisites before declaring the major.

Declare the International Studies Major

To be eligible to declare, students must have completed, or be enrolled to complete, INTL ST 101, and ECON 101 & 102. Students must also have completed, or be in-progress to complete a 5th semester of a foreign language.
  • If you are declared in a major the College of Letters and Science, please indicate the major(s) and college. STUDENTS NOT IN THE COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE: This major/certificate declaration/cancellation is subject to approval by the Dean of the College in which you are enrolled
  • If applicable, please describe why you wish to cancel your IS Major declaration
  • Please check the completed, or in-progress to complete, introductory requirements required to declare the IS Major.
  • If declaring or revising the major, please choose a track to declare.